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Fried Luffah with Sweet Potato Flour March 21, 2007

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This is really an old family recipe. My mom and aunt told me it was my late grandfather and late granduncle’s favourite dish. I vaguely remember eating it so, was really excited img_1855.jpg 6th aunt reminded me of it. You see, I’ve eaten it so long ago that I can vaguely remember how it’s suppose to taste like or look like. Anyway, that didn’t stop me from trying it. This is how my version looks like, which I don’t think what my late grandfather would be proud of.



Sweet potato flour


Minced garlic

Verdict : Nostalgic


Steaming is the healthy way of cooking?

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Really? If it’s so, indeed this is a healthy dish. Kong bak (stewed pork) with buns, whimg_8717.jpgere both the meat and the buns are steamed. Had this for dinner yesterday. So, now, what do I do with the leftover buns in the freezer? My freezer’s getting too full and the fridge seems to be complaining by making weird noise. Oh oh.


Verdict : Meat is tasty and very fragrant. The gravy is watery and not thick like those in West Lake restaurant


Passion Fruit Passion March 15, 2007

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The entire family seems to have gone into passion fruit craze lately since the discovery of fresh and yummy and not to mention cheap (I hope not to sound like a Singapore bird that goes cheap cheap cheap cheap) passion fruits from Batu Pahat. It seems like this is a new crop and it’s popularity has not really caught up yet.

Slightly wrinkled passion fruits.


Since mom has bought so many of these lovely fruits, I have been surfing the internet to look for recipe that uses passion fruits. All I’ve found are desserts like cheesecakes and pavlova, which I am not so interested in. And so, I’ve cutting them into half and sucking out the juicy and fragrant pulp. This beautiful fruit is also rich in vitamin A, C and pottassium.


Huat Kueh from 5th Aunt

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Or-teng-kueh or Black Sugar Kueh is a type of huat kueh that uses black sugar and is one of 5th Aunt’s specialty. I’ve learned to make it, but my result is not always consistent.


The batch that I made impromtu on the eve of Chinese New Year turned out to be quite nice. I actually got Huey Gok, our newly wedded sister-in-law, to make the second batch and they turned out good too. Welcome to the family, Huey Gok.

Recipe :

150g black sugar

300g plain flour

1 cup water (medium hot)

1 teaspoon soda bicarbonate

The joy of making this huat kueh is seeing them blossom right in front of your eyes when you steam it, so, use a glass cover if you have one.

Verdict : Family favourite … need I say more?