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Blooms March 16, 2010

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These rangoon creepers branches are heavy with flowers.  The flowers appear white and slowly turn into pink and then into red.   It simply add colours to the garden.


Frangipani March 14, 2010

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My love affair with frangipani resulted in successful propagation of 3 healthy branches.  1 branch from sis’ place (dark maroon) and 2 branches (light pink)  from the tree just outside our place.  I asked our Indian gardener to give me a branch and he kindly did.  But I think that poor chap got told off by our ever-so-diligent security guard.

What seems like eternity when it’s just starting to root, and attack of pests,  it has turned into a truly healthy looking tree.  Now, let’s hope it bloom soon enough.


My little growing garden May 7, 2009

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Waiting for moss to grow

Waiting for moss to grow

I wanted a person, not an object nor an animal, I wanted something calming and I found this spout of a lady with a barrel!  Perfect!  I even got it for more than 50% discount because there is a small chip on the nose but who cares, you won’t notice it once it all covered with moss.  Now all I have to do is wait for the moss to grow.


Rico spends a  whole lot of time on the deck.  He thinks it’s like having a picnic here.  Here he is enjoying the view with his beloved brown bear

The is the second water feature is made of re-cycled old water barrels left by the previous owner and it worked well.  The water here flows back to the main pond.


Overflowing water barrels

Showing off his painting on the swing chair