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Frangipani March 14, 2010

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My love affair with frangipani resulted in successful propagation of 3 healthy branches.  1 branch from sis’ place (dark maroon) and 2 branches (light pink)  from the tree just outside our place.  I asked our Indian gardener to give me a branch and he kindly did.  But I think that poor chap got told off by our ever-so-diligent security guard.

What seems like eternity when it’s just starting to root, and attack of pests,  it has turned into a truly healthy looking tree.  Now, let’s hope it bloom soon enough.


One Response to “Frangipani”

  1. Carrie Says:


    I saw from your picture’s background, seems like you stay in either horizon gardens or horizon green??

    I’m staying in horizon gardens, thats why I find it familiar!


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