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It’s spring in Singapore, well almost. March 13, 2010

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The really hot weather in Singapore seems to be really good for all the plants.  It is so dry that I had to top up water in the pond with pipe water …… something that I have not done so in a long time.  Many of the plants are blooming including the rangoon creeper.  I almost gave up on the rangoon creepers and pruned it botak, and guess what …….new shoots came out with buds!

The best thing however, has to be the fact that a pair of pink necked green pigeon (i think that’s what it is)  is nesting on the bamboo tree!    The bird surprisingly seems very at ease even though we walk in an out all the time.  The mother bird hasn’t left the nest for 3 days now.  What dedicated parents!  We don’t have a chance to confirm how many eggs she has.

The nest is quite well hidden in the bamboo leaves.

A lush box of pennworts and flowering arrowheads with delicate white flowers

A small container with combination of water lettuce, water hycinth (barely surviving), pennyworts, arrowhead and an unidentified plant from the longkang in BP.  Rico claims that this is his pond while the bigger pond at the back is mine.  Right now, Rico’s gardening is only limited to watering and sweeping dried leaves but no touching of the soil with his bare hands.  Male!   Well, at least he’s one step ahead of his arm-chair gardener dad.  (fyi ….arm chair gardener refers to people who enjoys gardens without actually gardening)

Its blooming time again for this medillina.  You firstly get to enjoy the flowers and when the flowers are gone, you’ll get enjoy the red berries like fruit hanging on the buds.  This is a very interesting plan and has been growing very well.


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