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Blooms March 16, 2010

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These rangoon creepers branches are heavy with flowers.  The flowers appear white and slowly turn into pink and then into red.   It simply add colours to the garden.


Frangipani March 14, 2010

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My love affair with frangipani resulted in successful propagation of 3 healthy branches.  1 branch from sis’ place (dark maroon) and 2 branches (light pink)  from the tree just outside our place.  I asked our Indian gardener to give me a branch and he kindly did.  But I think that poor chap got told off by our ever-so-diligent security guard.

What seems like eternity when it’s just starting to root, and attack of pests,  it has turned into a truly healthy looking tree.  Now, let’s hope it bloom soon enough.


Back to Tradition

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This year, we decided to go back to tradition for CNY dinner.  Instead of the anything-goes steamboat, Mom took out the old charcoal steamboat for our reunion dinner.  Strictly the traditional ingredients goes in there ……. bak khng, hae chor and egg rolls with chinese cabbage soup base.  What a wonderful feeling ….


Ham and Cheese loaf

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“Do you want some lefover ham from Christmas?” , I was offered almost a  month  past Christmas.   Hmmmm, why not?  They make lovely ham and cheese loaf.  I’ve tried this recipe last year ….. for exactly the same reason…..leftover ham from Christmas.  The difference this year, I’ve got a brand new icy blue Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday from dear hubby.  The more reason to try it out.  The end product turns out well ……fragrant soft bread with plenty of ham and topped with lots of cheese.  I’m not a cheese person but I love baked cheese.  I love the smell of freshly baked bread at home!

See who I have to pose for me!

See the other loaf on the counter?


Slowly Mossy

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I know realise that moss is a very slow growing plant.  Look at this ………  after more than half a year, this spout is still not entirely covered in moss yet.  In fact,  besides the moss, there is also some mould growing on it.  Ahhhh …. this is really slow process.   Besides,  I think my water pump system needs a upgrade.  The rubber tubes are bend in many places and there are also leaks.   But I can’t do much now because if I do anything right now, I’ll scare away the pigeon nesting on the bamboo tree.

The bulbs you see here are made of capis shells, which I bought from my last trip to Manila.   With the bamboo background, it actually gave it a Japanese garden feel when you turn it on


Vertical Garden

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I was inspired by Patrick Blanc’s creation of vertical gardens that I attempted to create a mini version of a vertical garden.  This is a trial piece and I’ve hoped to create more pieces, bigger and more complex.   But so far, I have not made much progress yet.  Well, my next project would be to create a vertical garden with succulents,  Even though someone said that cacti are the easiest plant, I have never really planted them.


It’s spring in Singapore, well almost. March 13, 2010

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The really hot weather in Singapore seems to be really good for all the plants.  It is so dry that I had to top up water in the pond with pipe water …… something that I have not done so in a long time.  Many of the plants are blooming including the rangoon creeper.  I almost gave up on the rangoon creepers and pruned it botak, and guess what …….new shoots came out with buds!

The best thing however, has to be the fact that a pair of pink necked green pigeon (i think that’s what it is)  is nesting on the bamboo tree!    The bird surprisingly seems very at ease even though we walk in an out all the time.  The mother bird hasn’t left the nest for 3 days now.  What dedicated parents!  We don’t have a chance to confirm how many eggs she has.

The nest is quite well hidden in the bamboo leaves.

A lush box of pennworts and flowering arrowheads with delicate white flowers

A small container with combination of water lettuce, water hycinth (barely surviving), pennyworts, arrowhead and an unidentified plant from the longkang in BP.  Rico claims that this is his pond while the bigger pond at the back is mine.  Right now, Rico’s gardening is only limited to watering and sweeping dried leaves but no touching of the soil with his bare hands.  Male!   Well, at least he’s one step ahead of his arm-chair gardener dad.  (fyi ….arm chair gardener refers to people who enjoys gardens without actually gardening)

Its blooming time again for this medillina.  You firstly get to enjoy the flowers and when the flowers are gone, you’ll get enjoy the red berries like fruit hanging on the buds.  This is a very interesting plan and has been growing very well.