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Going Bananas March 21, 2007

Filed under: Food — xxtlhxx @ 10:49 am

My quest for steamed cakes continues with steamed banana cake. Again, I searched the internet and found a recipe for steamed banana cake at Food Network. Someone has tried it before and said that it tasted good, so, I tried it, feeling confident after the successful steamed chocolate cake.


I would say, the cake turns out alright, not fantastic and more like a bread than a cake. So, if I have had set my expectation that it would be a bread, I suppose I would be more thrilled.

And then, what do I do with the leftover banana? This time, I want a real banana cake. Again, I found a well reviewed banana cake at Yochana’s Cake Delight. This time, the cake isimg_8714.jpg really yummy and complete with decoration on top. It’s moist, the way I like it. The only set back is, it takes so long to bake, more than an hour for me!

Verdict : Very yummy, difficult to stop at just 1 piece. Banana on the topping is very sweet and soft after baked. So, don’t skip toppings, they’re not just for show.


3 Responses to “Going Bananas”

  1. wingigi Says:


    Would like to check on when u stir in the flour, bicarbonate of soda…do u use low speed to do so?? or folding method??


  2. xxtlhxx Says:

    Hi Wingigi,

    I folded it in because the mixture is quite soft. So, it was easier to fold it in. However, I think if you use low speed to mix the flour in, it should be ok as well.


  3. wingigi Says:

    Hi xxtlhxx

    Thanx ya..will try this week…CHeers~

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