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Nasi Lemak March 15, 2007

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It’s almost the end of the week and the fridge is almost empty. Searched the fridge to see what to cook for dinner. There’s some leftover coconut cream and decided to make a simple nasi lemak. I’ve made this before and I like the taste. It reminds me of nasi lemak in KL, especially those that I’ve been having last year when I travel up to KL a lot for work. In KL, it’s called Nasi Lemak Kukus.

Simple and delicious.

Nasi Lemak

Sigh …. maybe because I ate too much of the sambal ikan bilis, Rico had diarrhea today. Got to cut down on my spicy food intake. Poor boy suffers because of mommy’s cravings.

Nasi Lemak

1 cup rice,  use 2/3 of water as you would normally cook your rice

2 shallots

1 inch of ginger

2-3 pandan leaves

1/2 teaspoon fenugreek

pinch of salt

2tbs of concentrated coconut milk

Put everything in a rice cooker and cook as you would cook rice.  I like my rice a little harder, so I would use 2/3 of water

Serve with boiled eggs, fresh cucumber, toasted peanuts and sambal ikan bilis.  My sambal recipe isn’t great, really, so, look elsewhere for the sambal recipe.


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